snapcast-client snapcast-server; fleet-supervisor - Impossible installation


I’m a newbie with Linux and Balena so my apologize if I use bad terms or concepts in the explanation of my problem.

I want to build a multi-room audio system with two Raspberry Pis. The first is a Raspberry Pi 4 and the other is a Raspberry Pi3 model A+.

I have installed the audio system reading and doing what is written on this page :

After that I went on this page : to get the three services snapcast-server, snapcast-client and fleet-supervisor.

So I installed the Balena CLI and get the new code by the zip file download. I’ve proceed a « balena push ». Then the installation goes but at the end, all of the services I already have are installed, but the three services I need for multi-room are not installed.

What can I do ?

For the Raspberry Pi 4, Balena OS version is [balenaOS 2.56.0+rev1] and for the Raspberry Pi3 Model A+, Balena OS version is [balenaOS 2.58.3+rev1]

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

Hi there, welcome to Balena!
Both articles you read are about balenaSound , both links point to the same Git Repository :
Multi-room functionality was added after a few months, that’s why you’ll see that the second article starts with " start from scratch or upgrade an existing balenaSound device to add the multi-room functionality "

  • You can try the Deploy with balena button on the second article
  • Select Raspberry Pi 1/Zero since it is optimal for your different devices
  • Download the code end extract it
  • cd into the directory where your code is located
  • balena login select Web authorization
  • balena push <the-name-you-gave-your-application>

After that you should see the code going up into your application, and once ii finishes you’ll see a unicorn in your computer.

Create your devices, flash them with etcher, and once you plug them in you should see Updating on the Dashboard. When updating finishes you should see all six services in your device

I hope this helped, let us know if there still are some misunderstanding or if there is anything unclear.

All the best and have fun!


Hi Juan,
Thank you very much for your help !
I will try and I 'll keep you in touch.

Hi Juan,
I’ve proceeded as you told me but I have the same problem. It’s like the file was an old or a wrong code. After the end of the push procedure, before the unicorn there is no the snapcast and fleet-supervisor into the services list installed. Here the release number : 67d82ae3579c60f5099bb4b8c54ecaae. I don’t if it can help you with my problem.
Best regards,

Hello there, balenaSound maintainer here.

I think the problem is that the blog posts are outdated. Since they were written a few months ago we released balenaSound 3.0 where the services names were changed, they are no longer called snapcast-client and snapcast-server. I updated the blog posts recently but it looks like I missed some stuff, apologies for that.

To clarify, the services you should see for multiroom now are: multiroom-server and multiroom-client. I’ll make sure the blog posts are correctly updated to avoid further confusion. Thanks for bringing this up. Your device should be good to go if you already have this services installed.

Hello thank you for this fast answer. Indeed the multiroom-server and multiroom-client appear in my services list. So I am going to try the multiroom set. Thank you very much !
Best regards,

And it works ! Thank you very much !!!

I’m glad it helped, and more glad it works and you can enjoy it :slight_smile:
Thanks again for bringing this to my attention, I’ll fix those guides so there is no more confusion.