Setting up Minecraft Server using Raspberry Pi 4

Setting up Minecraft Server using Raspberry Pi 4:
I was trying to push the default code for a minecraft server using the Belena CLI client and the console in windows, when I was confronted by this error:

Error: no “Dockerfile[.*]”, “docker-compose.yml” or “package.json” file
found in source folder “.”

Additional information may be available by setting a DEBUG=1 environment
variable: “set DEBUG=1” on a Windows command prompt, “$env:DEBUG = 1” on
powershell, or “export DEBUG=1” on Linux or macOS.

If you need help, don’t hesitate in contacting our support forums at

For CLI bug reports or feature requests, have a look at the GitHub issues or
create a new one at:

What does it mean and how do I fix it?


When using balena push or git push, there needs to be either a Dockerfile, Dockerfile.template, docker-compose.yml or package.json file in the top level of your repository so that the balena builders can build the Docker images for your application. There’s a general getting started guide here and some more detailed instructions here. We also have a Docker masterclass here.

If you do have a Dockerfile[.template]/docker-compose.yml, could you please add the DEBUG=1 switch to the front of the balena push command and then paste the output here. It would also be very useful to see a listing of the files in your top level directory.

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Thanks, but I just needed to redirect the console to the directory in which my “Minecraft_Server” was located. Once I did that in the Command Prompt, everything was fine and balena worked perfectly.

Great, yes, it sounds like you weren’t pushing the right directory! Glad you’ve managed to sort this out.

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