Push command saying I need to log in

I have been trying to start a minecraft server on my Pi 4, and am brand new to anything related to the Pi. I have been following a tutorial on balena, but when I try to push the server code from the unzipped folder in my terminal, I get an error, saying: " You have to log in to continue

Run the following command to go through the login wizard:

$ balena login

Additional information may be available by setting a DEBUG=1 environment

variable: “set DEBUG=1” on a Windows command prompt, “$env:DEBUG = 1” on

powershell, or “export DEBUG=1” on Linux or macOS."

I have tried running this command, with no help. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi, what issue are you having with the balena login command? See the getting started guide here https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/getting-started/raspberrypi3/nodejs/#add-release for more information as it details the use of this command, and then please let us know what specific issue you are seeing.

Hello there, following up this thread. Were you able to fix your problem? If not, can you share the entire error message you get and the command that produces it? Thanks!