Serial port on development balena

Short question, I am using balenaOS 2.75.0+rev1 (development image) on an RPi 4 in local development mode.
I coupled a GPS module to the UART, as I wanted to try to implement a GPS NTP server with PPS.
However, I did only partially receive GPS data - and it seemed to “disappear” again. After about 5 hours tring to debug everything and scratching my head, I came across this issue, mentioned by @chrisys in an other (old) topic: Add ability to disable serial console on "development" variants · Issue #1387 · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub

Was kind of unfortunate, in the old resin versions, the debug log/console was not bound to the uart, so changing this made sense in a “debug” situation, however, it makes usage of this port (if needed for an application) impossible.

Is there a possibility to stop the supervisor from re-configuring and using the serial device like… every 30 seconds while still being in local development mode? Could you introduce some device switch for to change this behaviour? Could this also be documented :wink: ?

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Hey @nmaas87 thanks for raising this again; we’re actually planning to merge the prod/development OS variants and have a switch to toggle the development features on and off to address this. PR to look out for is here:

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Thank you for the info :slight_smile:
I subscribed to the PR and am looking forward :slight_smile: !