Enable the serial console on a production device

Talks about how to disable serial on a dev device.

I have long wanted to be able to do this but been unable. Is there a way to enable serial support on a production device?

Usecase, I have a signed agreement saying I can’t ship devices that don’t meet a certain min security requirement. But as I start to test them in my lab, they start flicking on and offline. I want to get into the direct to see what is going on. Assuming I attach the device via ethernet and can ssh in the normal way to turn this on. Is there a way I can do that?

Can this be a feature request, for example, it could be a switch in the Device configuration?
Maybe that would be too hard, I would take hacky instructions. :slight_smile:


I think you can do this with
# systemctl start serial-getty@serial0.service
which will (temporarily, for current boot) start the getty service and should allow you to connect via serial. If you want to enable it permanently you would do the inverse of the mask in Disable console over Serial in Dev on RPi3? and instead do an enable

Fantastic, I will test this today and update this thread with results!

Thanks again Page!