Serial interface development image

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the development image to work with the serial interface on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I’m using the /dev/serial0 interface for serial communication. On production images, this works great! I’ve no problem with using the serial interface stable on the production image. But for development, using a production image is not really the way to go.

The problem with the development image is that it has some interference, I guess. Because after a few seconds of writing to the /dev/serial0 interface, I get some input/output errors and it stops working, which is not the case on the production image. I’ve enabled uart on the Raspberry Pi via the balenaCloud dashboard, but I can’t seem to make it work stable on the development image. I’m developing via local mode, if that’s any useable information.

I’m using the Raspberry Pi 3 development image with version 2.31.5+rev1.

I’m happy to share some more details if necessary!

Anyone that can help me with this issue? It’s really hard to develop like this…

Hey @vedicium, I believe the problem is that the .dev images write kernel logs to the to the serial console. I believe you can disable that by changing the cmdline.txt in /mnt/boot/ on the running device. Find the console entry that refers to the serial0 device, and remove it, including the baud rate setting. It will look something like console=serial0,115200 . Make sure the rest of the line remains the same, as errors in this configuration can stop the Raspberry Pi from booting.

I have a feature request to make this opt out which you can follow here, but for now the best way is to manually change the cmdline.txt

Let me know if that sorts things out for you.

ah, you also might need to remove console=tty1 from cmdline.txt too.

How can I find this file?

I believe you can disable that by changing the cmdline.txt in /mnt/boot/

If I ssh into the Host OS or into a container, it is not there.