How to redirect dashboard logs to uart

I have a multi-container project, running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, that is experiencing sporadic reboots, so I want to redirect the Balena dashboard container logs to UART0, so I can capture the logs to my computer via a USB-Serial adapter.

I have connected the TX/RX pairs of the USB-Serial to the UART0_RXD and UART0_TXD respectively and enabled UART in the Device configuration.

I am using the production version of “balenaOS 2.83.21+rev1” with supervisor version “12.10.3”

How do I go about redirecting the Balena dashboard logs to the Raspberry Pi 3 UART0?

Hi @mdcraver Production versions of the operating system have the serial UART disabled for security purposes, so you’d have to use a Development version of the OS if you want a console on the GPIO. You’ll also need to set a device tree overlay as documented here: I2C and Other Interfaces - Balena Documentation


So does the “Enable / Disable UART” device configuration not work with production versions?

Hi @mdcraver, that will not be enough to get a serial console output over GPIO, no. You’ll actually need to perform this step when using a Production image: Enable the serial console on a production device - #3 by _Page

Hope that helps!

So now I am using the development version of “balenaOS 2.83.21+rev1” with supervisor version “12.10.3”.

I see the initial linux boot messages correctly.

How can I get the messages from my containers, that currently show up in the logs section of the Balena dashboard, be redirected to the UART?