Seem to have run out of tasks?

Still going strong, 37% into a new 8H task! I feel like there was a lot of frustration around this issue, so it would be good to really broadcast its resolution if it’s working well for others now too! :muscle: :rocket:

My Pi4 still isn’t starting new tasks and is reporting “Not requesting tasks”. I restarted it yesterday. Is there something else I have to do please?

It looks like they did an update around that time. The look of the web interface has been changed in an obviously different way as a side-effect. I have 5 x RPi4 + 1 x RPi3 all chewing numbers at the moment.

I’ve switched my 3 pi4s off because they aren’t doign anything unless I manually reboot them daily

@jeffjenkins1 That’s odd. I have 5 x RPi4 (4GB) and 1 x RPi3 (1GB) all running like the clappers since the update a few days ago. The RPi3 has completed 3 tasks, running 1, with 1 waiting. I am no longer getting frequent reboots on any of them.

Can you see the new web interface (with Shutdown, Reboot, and Change Account Key buttons at the top)? If not, it would be worth downloading a new image and starting again. The issue of 1GB systems not fetching tasks is [supposedly] fixed in the current version.

I have just put an additional RPi3 in and it picked up two tasks immediately (newly burned SD card).

Well, the issue for 1gb devices is still entirely dependent upon there being an ample supply of “smaller” Work Units being published and made available in the queue by the Rosetta@Home team of scientists and researchers. So, if they only have larger simulations needing to be run, the 1gb devices will sit idle until the Rosetta team publishes another batch of smaller work units. Thus, there is always the possibility that the queue will be empty for 1gb devices, but leaving them online and available is still a good thing: Once work is available, the devices will grab the tasks.

As a matter of interest, my 4 x RPi3 all have a running plus waiting task today which will blow the cobwebs off them :wink:


I’ve given up - the pi3s never get any new tasks and even my nvidia jetson nano has stopped now - I can’t really keep re-starting each device every day so that it gets some new tasks

Hi Jeff - I don’t understand as I have had 4 x RPi3 running flat out for several days. They started running out of tasks yesterday, so I have repurposed two of them onto another project. But the remaining two are still banging away and both have one in the queue ready (which they have added this morning) for when that one has finished. So there is still work there by the look of things?