Search for a secondary WiFi adapter that supports monitor mode

Hey Fin team,

I am hoping for insight on this list of wifi adapters. I tried and failed here to get the WPET-236ACN(BT) a Sparklan made device with the Realtek RTL8822BU-CG chipset in it to work. Now, I am looking for alternatives to test and hopefully get working.

Why would someone want a secondary wifi adapter? Well firstly because the primary one doesn’t support monitor mode and that is core to our project. For others, maybe to connect to two networks at once?

Anyways here is a list of adapters I plan on ordering and trying. I am looking to use the mPCI slot on the back but was told that I should use usb over mPCI for the best chance of it working.

Chipset: Qualcomm Atheros AR9271
here - Debain package

Chipset: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377-7
here - Debian package

More to come

Working adapter: (I would love to find a version of this I can make internal in some way)
Drivers just work, monitor mode supported, external only.

Any advice would be amazing.


Hey @tacLog we are checking with our team members who have more wifi experience, and will get back to you!


That would be fantastic.

In order to open my options up a bit, I was thinking of using something like this:
4 pin USB to USB A female cable

This would allow me to work with options I know work like this one:

Which I would strip down and hot glue somewhere inside the case. I am also looking at other USB options that have the little U.FL antenna connectors for easier mounting of external antennas.

That is our current backup plan for better or worse.

Hi Thomas, the Atheros chipsets traditionally have good support for monitor mode. I know newer chipsets from other vendors also support it. I would advise you to try a few options and see what works best for you, since driver support for Linux although much better in recent years is still not perfect.

Since the Fin board has a mPCIe slot I would recommend going with mPCIe. Our slot only supports USB over mPCI, but that is the default for most adapters as far as I know.

Please let us know how things work for you and if you run into some issues (e.g. missing driver, etc.).