sd card invisible after flash, then format

used the latest version. windows 10. 2gb sandisk sd card (it was a tiny image). successfully flashed, was able to boot, did what i needed to do. then formatted and deleted partitions with diskpart in cmd.
one catch.
the sd card is invisible now. i cant access it. even checking in diskpart and disk management, its gone. im using an external sd card reader.
any help?


Sorry you are having issues with your SD card. May I ask which commands you used to delete the partitions in disk part?


And also, which commands did you use to format the partitions?

i used clean to format. at first, i did the entire drive with select disk. i then went and removed the partitions in using select partition [number] and then delete.

Hello @pankyonshii,

Have you tried following this guide? what’s the output of list disk ?