Running DSP on clients?

Hi all,

I was wondering if this was already a thing, and if not, could it be somehow? I know programs like BruteFIR exist but I’m not sure if/how they would run on the Balena OS. Essentially what I am looking for is FIR convolution or a parametric EQ. Ideally, a loudness compensation integration would be perfect too depending on input volume from a known reference. Sincerely hoping someone out there can help me with this. I’ll look forward to hearing back.

Many thanks,
Elliott Dyson

This is quite interesting. I think you can work with the balenaSound plugin system (more about it here) to create a plugin for an equalizer like this.

Is our plugin system something that would make sense for what you have in mind?

Also, take a look at EQ support · Issue #133 · balenalabs/balena-sound · GitHub
There’s some discussion happening around this already

Thank you for the help. Don’t know programming enough to make my own, but the discussions seems to point to one that has already been made. Hopefully it has the features I need.