RPi 4 balenadash interrupts display after few hours

RPi 4 boots and displays data from website ok for a few hours but then displayed msg to “download google chrome”


  • Do you see any logs on the balena cloud dashboard? Can you please share them?
  • Have you noticed this behaviour multiple times or is this something one off?

I am working on reproducing this locally, so any extra information will help

If you still have the device in the same condition, can you share a photo of the screen as well? I am wondering if the pop-up is a pop-up in the traditional sense of the word or is it a dialog box. If it’s a popup we can work on preventing popups from the browser settings.

Hi if it happens again I will get photo but it was not dialog box - it just defaulted to the browser waiting for input…

22.10.20 17:44:06 (+1000) Shutting down.log (8.3 KB)

I have only noticed it the once but only testing at present so have not left it running for extended times

Thanks for sharing the log. Nothing there stands out. I am setting up a device with a dummy URL, and I have also created an issue for our developers to track here - https://github.com/balenablocks/browser/issues/33
Please update this thread when you can!

Hi I have attached another log from this morning…
Yesterday I ran RPi for around 5 hours on 23rd with absolutely no problems.
This morning I started it up again(24th) at 8:59 and when I returned I was presented with a blank screen. The log goes until 10:57 and the dashboard says online only heartbeat not received…
Hope the log is of some help…
23.10.20 12:30:00 (+1000) scheduler crond[15]: U.log (8.8 KB)

I see that you have created another forum topic for this new issue. Will reply here - RPi 4 balenadash unpredictable issues