Half of screen black, chromium kiosk


I am facing a problem for a project which I am working on. When booting balena OS on my raspberri pi 4 the logo is showing full screen. After booting chromium starts in kiosk mode but only the left part of the screen is visible. The right part shows black.

I don’t know what is causing the problem but maybe you guys could help me out.

Here are some pictures of the screen and some config settings which I’ve tried.

Image 2

hi, what kind of screen is this? are you connecting via hdmi or gpio pins?


It’s a 55inch 4k TV, Connecting via HDMI.

do you have another screen/cable at hand to check this isn’t a hardware issue?

No but when I boot balena os, I see the logo which is full screen and using all the screen. So I think it has to be something that needs to be configured for chromium or in config.txt.

ah I missed the part about the boot splash working fine. how are you deploying chromium kiosk? we are building https://github.com/balenablocks/browser maybe you can check with that or at least see what kind of options it sets/wants

Set a service variable for kiosk of WINDOW_SIZE to 1920,1080. That worked for me.


Just following up on my colleague’s note about browser blocks. There are quite a few Chromium flags available (https://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/).

You may also want to check the gpu memory settings in your Device Configuration menu. The Pi shouldn’t have a problem driving a monitor your size, but you may need to commit more memory (try 128, for example).


Thank you brother, this fixed it for me.