Rockchip based touch devices

I’m looking at creating an interactive kiosk with balena and found alot of devices with rockchip based touch screens (pre installed with android).

An example:

This model has a RK3188 but you can get it with RK3288 as well. Since the Asus Tinkerboard S is using the same chip I thought it might be possible to run balena-os on the device.

Does any of you have tried to install balena-os on a device like this?

Would a generic rockchip version of balena-os make sense or is the rest of the components in each device to different to make it work (like display, network etc)?


Hi. Currently we support RK3399 from the rockchip family in the NanoPC T4 board. Unfortunately a generic version is not going to work on all the devices and the way forward for this would mean custom device work for each specific board. I will relay your question to the customer success team so they can talk to you on the way forward in such a case.

And indeed the tinkerboard uses another rockchip soc. But aside from soc support we would then need to support all the additional peripherals and that requires a new OS image for the tablet you are targeting. An issue is going to be around drivers for the touchscreen, the kernel itself, bootloader.
We have not used this tablet before but I can be pretty much sure it will not work with any of our existing images

Thanks for the information!