Revolution Pi is not working anymore after changing HW to CM4

@wikcy_waka we don’t sell it (yet… under discussion), but if our integration partners are having trouble, we tend to source all the parts and then send to them in a single box. If you think you’d be using it for more than this one device, it might be worth looking into, but totally up to you. It’s not terribly simple to get working, but once it is, it’s very nice to have the latest OS updates tested on real hardware.

@wikcy_waka did you solve your issue? If not, in parallel with the Autokit discussion, could you please confirm if you need any specific dtbo in the OS overlays? or could you please share the dtoverlay and dtparams that you need?


@bluesky and @wikcy_waka a quick update from our side. In one of the worst logistics experiences we’ve had in a long time, our Partner still does not have the RevPi. The short version is that it is now being held in UK customs and our Partner is in the process of getting it released.

They have an AutoKit built and ready for the testing, so as soon as they have it in hand, it should not take long to test, but that’s the best we’ve been able to do for now. I’m truly so sorry this has taken such a long time.

I’ll send an update again as soon as it’s in their office, and again once the tests have been run.

Hi, we are running out of time a bit. At 15. January we have to present the Project to customers and today we had issues with the old controller (counter and PiTest is not working anymore). Is the CM4 device with your partner now? We hope you are able to help us.

@bluesky @wikcy_waka good news - the device is finally in the hands of our Partner. They are in the process of connecting it up to our automated testing rig, so I should have news for you early next week.

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@bluesky @wikcy_waka Update: the RevPi is flashing in AutoKit (this is good news), but the current image is not passing all of our automated tests, so we and our Partner are still working through why this is the case. I’ll continue to keep you updated as we go.

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@bluesky @wikcy_waka Great news, the tests are all passing now for the RevPi Connect 4. :slight_smile: We are working on getting the AIO and DIO modules tested next, and I’ll give you a shout when the device-type is available in balenaCloud.


@the-real-kenna great news. :slightly_smiling_face: Is it possible to test the image already? Or have you been able to test the AIO and DIO now?

@bluesky no. In order to spite me, the device wouldn’t pass some of our RPi tests next. :roll_eyes: But my colleagues got it through those tests as well, and we are waiting for just one more PR to meta-balena for it to be available in balenaCloud. We are watching it closely of course; hopefully in the next few days. :crossed_fingers:

Do you have an update now? Nearly half a year has passed since we started the issue. I hope we can push our project forward now. Thanks for your support

@bluesky @wikcy_waka I’m so embarrassed, I can’t quite find the words…

Good news: the device is passing all our tests and is ready to be added to the Dashboard

Bad news: the device was damaged in the testing, so now that it’s ready to be added, it no longer works and Nicolai is having to send over new hardware for those final tests to pass in our CI/CD system to get it to production

I’ve never had so many logistical issues crop up during a device support project. I’m truly sorry for the continuous delay. I’ll update this thread when new hardware has arrived.

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Are you selling these anywhere or it has be made by ourselves?