Difference between revpi-core-3 and revpi-connect image

Hi togehter,
we used the revpi-core-3 image for Revolution PI connect. Now I saw that for the Revolution PI a seperate (new) image is available.

What is the difference between the images?

Is the problem soved that images up to 2.50.0 are not running with openBalena?



Thank you for your answer.

We use openBalena. So I cannot use the images for Revolution connect at the moment.
Is there a timeline when the problem with openBalena is solved?

Hi there – thanks for your interest in openBalena. We are tracking this issue here; while we don’t have a timeline we can give you right now, we are working to resolve this. If you subscribe to that issue in Github, you’ll get updates as we address this.

All the best,

Hi there, we would like to inform you that the issue in question has been solved as mentioned here https://github.com/balena-io/open-balena/issues/80