Reusing device - cannot connect to resin


I had an application for Screenly-OSE (called “Screenly”) which had a device (RPi-3) attached. I deleted the application, and then recreated with the same name. My problem is that the same device, with the new Pi3 image burned to the SD card, no longer attaches to Resin. It sits at the resin logo but I don’t see it in the Resin console. The device is connected by ethernet, so it’s not an issue with the wifi setup. Any ideas?


Oddly enough this device suddenly appeared in the resin console 30 minutes ago, 5 minutes after posting this!

Hey @onejuan, that’s strange, glad it seems to be working, though!

Some comments, though:

  • If you delete an application, you cannot just reuse the same image that you’ve downloaded the dashboard for the previous application, as it will have outdated config.json on it, referring to the old application (through the application ID). The easiest is to download a new image, or you can use the advanced settings in the Add Device menu, and just download a new config.json, that you could use to replace the one old one. This is some background info, let us know if it doesn’t make sense for any reason!
  • May we ask, what was your reason to delete the previous application? Just wondering about how people are using the platform, and I cannot really think of a reason at the moment that would have needed an application delete, and curious about your context!