Intergrate resin on other development board

Hi All,

I am a newbie to resinOS.
My current requirement is to add/integrate resinOS on my development board.

The configuration of my development board is as below:
The board’s name is Pico Hobbit board - iMX6UL.
OS - Yocto Jethro build base image.
Running successfully with,

MACHINE           = "pico-imx6ul-emmc"
DISTRO            = "fsl-imx-fb"
DISTRO_VERSION    = "4.1.15-2.1.0"

Currently, the BSP from the manufacturer is from the Jethro branch for this board.

I am looking for a software updater tools.

I have visited the and studying this now.

But, before going ahead, I want to clear few of my doubts here.
Firstly, from where I have to start for adding the board into resinOS?
Would this i.MX6UL supported (Yocto running Jethro branch) by resinOS?
For integration of custom/other dev board, what kind of necessary data (= Yocto layers, packages, etc…) would be needed?

My foremost priority is to update the board’s image OTA (over the air) with Yocto build.

It would be very helpful for me.
If anyone needs information/data prior to this, then please let me know.


Hi Jaymin,
the doc you linked to is taken from this one:

I would expect the meta-reisn doc to be the most up-to-date. Also, there should be some upcoming changes to this doc in the near future.

“Firstly, from where I have to start for adding the board into resinOS?”. What exactly do you mean by that? The document above describes how to do it.

As for supporting Yocto Jethro, yes, we support it.

The needed components are also described above: you need yocto BSP layer that allows you to boot into linux. At it’s most basic, this yocto bsp should provide you with recipes for the bootloader and kernel for this board.

So you are interested in being able to update also the host OS on your custom board?

Hi Florin,

Thanks for your quick response.

It would be very helpful.

I meant that, I want to integrate meta-resin into my Yocot build. I have already Yocto setup for my i.MX6UL dev board of fsl layers from Jethro branch.

So, how can I integrate meta-resin into my board’s BSP layers? That’s my concern. But, I will study and follow that docs. If will face any issue, update it here.[quote=“florin, post:2, topic:1217”]
So you are interested in being able to update also the host OS on your custom board?

Yes, correct. I am interested in being able to update the OS on my board (i.MX6UL Pico Hobbit board).


For the resinHUP part, let me bring in @andrei to let you know more

What is the timeline you are looking at for doing this?
We are currently working on hostAPPS, which is the way we are envisioning hostOS updates to be done on resinOS version 2.X. This is supposed to land sometimes in the near future but I cannot give out any ETA at this point.
Having said that, this being a board a custom board that you will be maintaining, there should be ways of making resinHUP (resin Host OS Updater) to work with your custom configuration.