Do you offer support for Asus tinker board?

This one:



It’s not officially supported but you might be able to make it work. Check out the following ongoing issue for details:

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Hello Ariel, @flesler

My team just ordered some tinker boards, and it would be super valuable for us to have resin running in them. Could you please provide more details about how could I manage to install resin OS? Which image should I try to run?

Hi @hecontreraso, an early heads up to you that the TinkerBoard is not yet supported, and you won’t be able to use any existing resinOS image to boot.

To be able to boot and use it, will need to add support for it. Here’s the link to the info and guide on adding support: We have some boards that have community supported added, and it should all be doable, but it’s not done yet.

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I am working with a Tinkerboard in my company and I would like to get involved in the development of a ResinOS for TinkerBoard. I’m a beginner in Internet of things so I would like to know the first thing that I have to do to develop a ResinOs for Tinkerboard.

Thank you


well the first thing is probably to have a look here:
and then maybe start a conversation in the resinOS chat (you will find a link in the above page).