Resin with electronjs node not running

When i put the electron files into the app directory it fire´s up the index.html but give me errors like

In my opinion the node server is not running, but i have checked the environment variable

I´m stuck with that for a long time some help would be really nice

Can we have a look at your Dockerfile?

Yes for sure. But the state has changed. I also got problems with pushing my code to the droplet. The only solution was to make a new profile. I granted access for 1 week. The name of the File is: shy-snow .
The thing i want to achieve is an electron application booting up with jquery, pouchdb, pouchdb-adapter-node-websql, and pi-gpio already loaded. It would be amazing if you could help me with that.

Are there any updates?


Which device type are you using?

Are you using the resin-electronjs application template here: ?

Yes I used this. But actually nothing is working :frowning: can´t push changes to the device. It would be a charm to get this example working with jquery, pouchdb, pouchdb-adapter-node-websql, and pi-gpio. Thanks in advance for your help

What happens when you try pushing changes to the device?

It fails on authentication, but I changed nothing. Not even my ssh key