Multi stage build base

I have two ‘apps’ that run on Rpi zero and Rpi3 respectively (nodes and hub)

The docker containers I use for both are multi stage - but the first container that both apps use is identical. I’ve tried building this locally and pushing to docker hub - but the emulation part seems wrong and it fails when deployed to the pi’s. The images build using resin work perfectly.

Is there a way for me to tag this first image such that I can use it as a base image across both projects? I thought maybe just because they were the same resin / docker would realise and pull from cache but I guess each project has a separate image cache.

Hi @CWright017,

Currently we do not support tagging and reusing base images that are pushed to image registries that are hosted by resin.

However, what you can do is use the resin build command of resin-cli to build for the target architecture you are interested in and then docker push the built image to Dockerhub. You can then use the pushed image as a base image for both applications.