How works?

Hi there,

Sorry, this might be a dumb question. I have recently started to work on raspberry pi. However, shifting from raspbian to resin is a big step, I am quite lost between these two if resin is just a framework running on raspbian. For example, It does not seem I can do a git push and then another even though I want to run 2 containers simultaneously.

So basically I think is a big step for me but I am willing to learn it. I will be very appreciated if someone can explain me briefly.

Hi @ukrit!

So is not so much a raspbian replacement as it is a way to deploy and manage container applications on devices like the Raspberry Pi (and many others).

One of the container images we support is Debian though, so it’ll look quite similar from that perspective :slight_smile:

If you want to run multiple containers side by side on the device, check out this sample project that includes 3 seperate containers, and a docker compose file at the root that details how each should be run – let us know if that helps get you started!