Resin Os and Supervisor version on dashboard's device list

It would be great to have version number on the devices list in the dashboard !

The same information provided by resin-cli but on the web, as for less technical people can access these data easily without going on each device detail to retrieve version numbers.

You mean the resinOS and Supervisor version, right? Good point, though I wonder, what would the “less technical” people do with this information?

Our long term vision is to have more straightforward automatic updates for the host, and at that point this information will be pretty much irrelevant.

We have found out that we have connection instability with 1.1.4, so our non-technical people could say to our complaining customer : “Ok we know you have an old version, we’re going to update your device” :wink:

Make sense, and seems like it fits with the direction the robust remote updates should be able to fix.