How is's agent updated?

The recent halloween update added a display for agent version in the device dashboard, like so:

This is for my older deployed devices. However, my devices created from fresher OS images are of a much higher version:

My understanding from this page in the docs, is that they should be automatically updated?

I was looking forward to interacting with the supervisor directly, as it makes application deployment a lot simpler.

Hi @bakavic, we did automatically update the supervisor, but have paused this for some time for two reasons.

  1. There are cases on much older devices where an update to new supervisor, would fail and potentially brick the device. Therefore we will have to wait for our host OS update feature to be implemented before we can update the supervisor on all devices. (We are hoping to have full host updates by the end of the year).

  2. A fair few of our customers are on low bandwidth connections and therefore would prefer to trigger the supervisor updates themselves.

So currently we can update the supervisor but it is a much more manual process than our docs had suggested.

Do you have access to the device you’d like to update? If so it’d be simplest to reprovision the device with a newer resin image.

Thanks for bringing the out of date documentation to our attention and let me know if anything is unclear.


Just wanted to check on the supervisor updates again - the auto-update still seems to be disabled?

I got a number of devices of varying versions, and it would be troublesome for me to do the updates by physically going down to perform reprovisioning.

To add on, if reprovisioning is the still the only way out now, is it possible to migrate over the resin UUID? Some of my application code depends on it as an identifier.

@bakavic if you give us a list of UUIDs for the devices you want to upgrade, we can trigger the upgrade. You can send us the UUIDs through the live chat at the bottom right of your dashboard.