Resin local push without sudo

I tend to be selective about the root access I give on my system.

To me it’s like telling someone he can come to my house when I’m away. You know what I mean right?

Being new to resin I feel we are not there yet in our relationship :slight_smile:

I’m kinda stuck because I’d also like to try the example but local push requires root.

I saw here that it looks to be related to the mdns interaction ( but I’m not sure if this is the case because it still complains if I type the device address.

I have a feeling it could well run as user if I type the address but there might be an unconditional check for root in the code that I could maybe hack away.

Is it the case?

Well I couldn’t really find my way in the code so I ended up going crazy and I changed


to always return true.

It feels really bad but for just a quick test it will do.

Now this works as user:

resin local push --verbose --source .


There is another related issue where you can track progress - . Unfortunately we haven’t had time to look more into this yet, but we’ll let you know when a fix is released.