vs other solutions

Hello all,

I am new to resinio and read about it on internet.
Could you please help with the queries below
There are a lot of IoT infrastructure solutions available and am not sure where does fits in.

  1. Is only for IoT end device or can it be used for edge device?

  2. How is resinio better than azure IoT or Aws IoT

  3. Since there are a lot of solutions, how to know which is better, do you have a comparison sheet.


Hi @iotoss, helps you remotely develop, deploy, and manage software on your IoT devices - at scale. Think of us as the infrastructure that enables you to easily build and deploy code at the edge. We take care of all the hard problems so you can focus on your projects and applications.

We’ve taken cloud-native development and deployment workflows and adapted them for the unique constraints of the edge. We use containers as the mechanism for deploying code, and have adapted Docker for IoT (you can read more about why we think containers matter for IoT here).

We primarily support Linux-capable devices (some might call them “gateways,” though most of our customers actually use those as their main edge device), though we’ve been developing a feature to allow remote updating of microcontrollers via a resin-managed gateway - more soon!

Since we’re fairly agnostic about what software you run in the containers on your device, and where you choose to send / analyze any data you collect, we actually integrate quite nicely with cloud providers such as Azure IoT, AWS IoT, Google IoT, etc.

Hope that helps - let us know if you have any follow up questions!


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