Residual main service in microservice app service variables


I am using the recently deployed microsevices architecture. I have noticed that in the app service variables view there is a “main” residual service name. I used resin preload to preload the images built locally in my laptop (none of them is called main).

On the other hand, the first time I saw the “main” service name I expected that it would have been like a “common env vars” for all the services. Do you plan to include this feature? I mean, a way to specify a service env var for all the microservices.

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I discovered that the “residual” variable exists because previously I used this application as a single container app. Afterwards, I modified it to use the microservices approach, but the previous service names are still there in app service variables.

Is it done on purpose, just in case we want to use a previous version of the app (rolling back to a previous commit id?)

The service names in the service variables page are populated by the names that are detected by our builder. As a result, we are currently not able to retrieve the service names to populate that list (or replace any preexisting service names with the new ones) when you build and pre-load images locally.
This definitely this seems useful though and I’ve added it to the list of features to consider.

We are also planning to provide fleet-wide and device-specific env vars soon, which will be service independent as you requested.

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Ok thank you very much!

I am looking forward for that feature :slight_smile: