Multi-container - How to remove old services?

I had limited success with splitting my resin application into multiple containers - it worked but I was getting erroneous service restarts due to (I think) resource constraints on my Pis (using 3 B+ and Pi Zero) so I went back to a monolithic all-in-one application which is now running with good stability.

I’ve rolled out the new code across the entire fleet but I’m still seeing the old service names listed when I go to add a service variable. What do I need to do to tidy that up?


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I’m seeing the same, but only in the service variable screen. Everywhere else the old services appear to be removed.

Hi @klutchell, @chrisallmark, thanks for reporting this. Right now there’s no way you can remove services from this dropdown, and instead we currently show all the services you’ve ever deployed for this application on the variables page.

I think you’re right that this isn’t quite right though - we’re going to discuss this internally and look at improving that. Thanks for the feedback!


Any update on this? I still see all services I would expect to only see the services installed on in the application.