Resetting 2FA when logging in using Google Account

Hi there. I login to balena using my Google account. I enabled 2FA back in the day, and everything has been great so far… except that now I’ve changed my phone and I can’t find a way to reset 2FA. When I try to use the “Disable two-factor authentication” button, it asks me for my password, but I don’t have one.

Is there a way for me to associate a password with my account or to reset 2FA without using a password?

Hi @davidg,

I just sent an email to the address associated with your account with instructions to recover your account, please let us know if you do not receive a message from (though be sure to check your spam folder first!).

i got the same problem. I have an new phone and can’t change the 2FA. I got an error, if I try to set a password: “data and hash arguments required”.

I registered my account with google auth.

Hi @ttc
Let me investigate your issue for a bit.
In the mean time is there a chance that you have downloaded your two factor authentication recovery codes?

Hi again,
Do you have an email configured for your account?
Also, is the change password form visible?
Please also clarify whether the change password form is the one that gives you the “data and hash arguments required” error.

the email is same as my google-Email. I can change it, but I need a password.
The display of Recovery codes is disabled: “To access your recovery codes, you will need to enter your password.” I have no password.
The “New Password” Fields are enabled. If I fill it out, then comes the error: “data and hash arguments required”

Wait. If I change the mail, than comes: “You don’t have a password, so use this field to create one.”

I set a new one and now is the password field filled.

And now I can change the 2FA.

Hi @ttc
We are glad that this worked for you.
I’ve opened an internal issue to further investigate the state that your dashboard instance ended up in, causing it to show the data and hash arguments required error that you mentioned.

Kind regards,