Lost 2FA App on phone, locked out of account

I’ve lost access to the 2FA app on my phone and can’t generate a token code. Is there a way to get back to my account?


By choosing to enable two-factor authentication, you have made it clear to us that security is as an important concern for you as it is for us. It also means you do not completely trust authenticating with just a password.

Therefore you will understand that we need to take extra measures to be sure that we are not disabling two-factor authentication for an attacker who learned your password.

We would like to verify that you’re in possession of the SSH key you have provided to us. To do this you’ll have to run the following command and send us the output from the email account associated with your balena account, to support@balena.io. After we validate the signature we’ll disable 2FA on your account and you’ll be able to login with just your password.

echo CHANGE_ME | openssl rsautl -sign -inkey ~/.ssh/id_rsa | base64

If the command doesn’t work, it may be that your SSH keys are stored elsewhere, you can edit the command to point to where your SSH keys are. Please let us know if you have trouble with these instructions.


I’ve only used Balena starter account for testing Screely OSE, not sure if there even was an active application on my account at the moment. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the SSH key was imported manually from a virtual machine that no longer exist. Is there any other way prove my identity?


I think it will not be possible to recover your old account without any of these two security measures.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else