Reset 2FA when logging in using GitHub



I setup an account a while ago using Log in with GitHub and enabled 2FA. I have since switch devices and am unable to find my 2FA recovery codes in order to log in. Is there a process to reset 2FA so I can recover my account?


Hi there. To clarify, you initially logged into the dashboard via GitHub but after the fact set a password and enabled 2FA and are no longer logging in via GitHub; is that correct?


I originally signed up using Log in with GitHub back when it was and setup 2FA then.

Currently, I can authenticate with GitHub but cannot proceed past 2FA as I no longer have the device I registered or recovery codes. Is it possible to disabled 2FA temporarily so I can login and setup 2FA with my new device?


Hi there, it’s certainly possible but of course we need to take security measures. Please can you email with your request, ensuring the message is sent from the email address associated with your account and we can start the process.


Great, thanks!