Release version not changing after successful push


I’ve pushed a new version of an application onto a board, and the build with the “Current” tag doesn’t change, even after multiple pushes to that application. That is preventing devices in that board from updating. The build logs don’t show any indication of error.

Can you please help us figure out what could be wrong with this release? I can send details by PM if needed

Thanks. Rubén @ skycatch

Something we’ve noticed different from other boards is that on the Service Variables page, we are offered to add a variable for service1 service, even though the devices there do not use multicontainers (we use resin 2.9.7 for our units). Maybe at some point we moved a 2.12 device there but all devices have even been removed, and the current pointer won’t change

Is there any chance that you have used our staged releases repo in the past to pin the tracked release?

Please send us the dashboard url of that application and grant us support access using the actions page.

I’ve just asked my team and we none of us has done that.

The link to the application is, I’ve granted access. Thanks

@rubenm It appears that the Releases page is showing the correct “current” build now, was there anything different between build 7dbc67d and build a9d13b8? I’d like to try and reproduce the issue you’ve seen if possible.

I apologize. I was checking this issue with the internal support team, turns out that the unit indeed had the should_track_latest_release flag set to false, and I was able to fix it via the API. The issue however is that we don’t know how that flag was set, nobody on the team changed this, and we didn’t find any interface in the UI that allows us to do that.


Just a quick update on this, we just released a feature that should give you UI feedback if an application, or device, has been pinned to a specific commit.

Specifically, you will be able to see a pin icon side by side with the commit, like: