Change currently deployed release

Hi guys.

I have been successfully using resin deploy for a week. Recently though, after uploading my build to Resin, the CURRENT (currently deployed release) does not change and so my devices are not pulling the latest image.

If anyone can point me to the source of my problem or perhaps help me switch commits that would be great.

Hey @daverinnadesan, that doesn’t sound quite right. Will send you a PM, and could you share with us the link to the application that has the issue, and enable support access for the application (from the actions menu)?

This was resolved in a private thread, looks like release pinning.

It looks like I’m having a similar problem (though in my case, CURRENT is changing, it’s just that the release isn’t being deployed for some reason). Could you please give any more details as to what it took to resolve this?

I understand there were some issues on recent resinOS versions with updates, though I am on the latest version which had supposedly fixed that.

Ahh, turned out to be related to a couple of fleet custom configuration variable I added. After deleting them and pushing another commit, the release was deployed. I don’t know why these added variables would stop releases from being deployed. Is there any documentation around this?

Don’t think that any config variables should block the deploy in general. We know an issue with RESIN_HOST_LOG_TO_DISPLAY variable, that can get the supervisor in a bad state, and not being able function properly (and thus update the application). Deleting that config is known to fix the issue.
What custom values were there in your case, if you can share?

I really can’t remember sorry - I’d need to have access to audit logs of some sort to be able to confirm. To make this potentially more difficult, I subsequently deleted the application that had this issue (it was just a test app - hopefully you use soft-deletes).

The OP’s issue was discovered to be the pinning of their application to a particular release.