Release version column -- how to set

in the releases tab, there’s a column: Release version which is always empty (last column in screenshot):

How can I set this?
I tried it with balena tag via CLI but this (as the command says) only sets a tag.
How can I set a custom release version?



Have you pushed any code to this device yet? Is this a freshly provisioned device running no application?

yes of course. Already hundreds of releases for this application.
I just came across the (to me new) column and I was wondering on how to set it. It’s currently empty for all deployed releases (across all my apps).

Hi @fritz, currently we only support using the release version if you are using a balena.yml contract as described here. We are working on a revamp of the release versioning system, I don’t have a timeline to share at the moment but it is very close to completion.