How to set the build revision

The dashboard fleet releases page shows a version field. I’m sure this info must be online somewhere but I was unable to find out how to set this when I do a build so I have a better sense of what’s in a given build. Also, having a notes field that we could set with release or links would be great. Thanks.

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The release version field that our dashboard started using recently is part of our work on providing a better versioning story to our users.
We will be making a blog post and adding documentation about this once we have the last pieces in place. and will let you know once that happens.

In the mean time let me make a brief introduction on this.
You can specify the version of a release that our dashboard presents, by adding a balena.yml file with a version field in the top level folder of your project, in which you run the balena push, git push or balena deploycommands to create a new release.
For example a balena.yml could look like:

type: sw.application
version: '1.2.3'

The version field at the moment has to be in a 3-digit semver format and will be stored in the release.semver field in our backed. On top of that backend then will append the +revN for subsequent releases with the same version. The combined result of the base version you provided along with the autogenerated revision (in case the same version was used again earlier) will be available on the release.version field stored in our backed.

Let me also add that we do have plans to extend the current implementation to allow any valid semver value, including pre-release & build metadata parts.
Let us know how that works for your use case.

I’ve also created an internal issue to track your request about adding a release.notes field and we will let you know once that becomes available.

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Hi @thgreasi - finally got to test this and it worked as advertised. Thank you!

Looking forward to getting the release.notes version.