Release version name / tag

Is it possible to manually specify the release name / tag? When we do balena push, it automatically generates a release hash. Is it possible to set this to 1.0.1 for example?

Hi @reinzor,

The release hash can’t be changed as it is automatically generated based on your deployment.

We do support release tags however, you can set them from the CLI with the tag command, for example balena tag set 1.0.1 --release RELEASE_ID. After that, the releases page on the dashboard will give you a list of all the releases with their tags (and the devices running on that version).

You can read more about release tags on our CLI docs:

To access the releases page, you can use the left side menu bar on the application dashboard page, or replace your APP_ID on the following link:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, this clears things up!