Release Notes July 24 - August 18


  • You can now view invoices and change payment options directly through the dashboard.
  • It is now possible to grant and revoke support agent access to your applications and devices via the dashboard. To enable support access for an application and all the devices associated with it, select Actions from the left-hand menu, and then select Grant Support Access. If you wish to enable access for one device only, go to that device’s summary page and select Grant Support Access from the drop-down Action menu. With both options, you will be able to specify a time period for which support access is allowed.
  • The application menu now indicates applications with discontinued device types.
  • You can now remove yourself as a collaborator on an application. This is done by selecting Remove Collaborator Access from the Actions menu.
  • The device summary page now has links to the resinOS and supervisor change logs.


  • Previously, Docker images for ARM devices were built on x86 servers using the QEMU emulator. Now these images are built on ARM servers, increasing build speed by up to five times.



  • The CLI now has an option for building images that are preloaded with application containers: resin preload. This makes it much easier to ship devices that are ready to go out of the box.
  • The CLI package is now much smaller and quicker to install.


  • A helpful warning is now provided when Docker is not installed or inaccessible.



  • The resin-sample NetworkManager connection has been disabled by default. If you would like to enable this connection, simply remove the .ignore suffix from the file.

Device specific OS updates

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