Release not being deployed

My latest application release is not being deployed on my device. Excerpt from the release history:

  • Release 1 (e4b4349114e21988ea7353711003d68b162d371f): Deployed succesfully, no errors
  • Release 2 (0c65775190ad5441e3d5ac8edfe18c3b3c216a96): Container images were downloaded but was unable to start them because of typos in the compose-compose.yml entrypoint definitions
  • Release 3 (4c492ab66ca099d4995c3babf00c9d7189fb2381): Fixed the typos, release was not even downloaded

Is it possible that the failed Release 2 blocking Release 3 from being deployed? Thanks in advance for the help!

System info:

  • device id: 67ee0f441debe05967e6dfd8aaac074b
  • device type: raspberry pi 3
  • resin os: 2.15.1+rev2 (production)

PS. I’ve granted support access for the next 12 hours

Solved: Created a new Release 4 that got successfully downloaded