Red and Blue colors are inverted on Beaglebone Black Screen

I’m using an LCD Screen with my Beaglebone Black for which an overlay included in BalenaOS (namely, BB-BONE-4D7C-01-00A1.dtbo)

Though it took some time to make it work, I finally succeed. Since it’s using 16-bit parallel communication, not HDMI, and have some conflicting pins with HDMI, following uEnv.txt worked:


But now the issue is Red and Blue colors are inverted! Green stays as it’s but Red seems as Blue and Blue seems as Red. Cyan seems as Yellow etc.

I tried browser block, web sites looking like in this way. I also created a minimal dockerfile that just runs X server and Midori browser it also works like that. What might be the reason?

Answering my own question…

I included such a xorg.conf and it became normal:

Just save this file as xorg.conf and include this line in your Dockerfile:
COPY xorg.conf /etc/X11/

Then it works!

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