Recover access to devices in the (hopefully unlikely) case that goes offline

I have read about the open source efforts for resin components, still one thing isn’t clear for me yet. If we commit to doing our deployments with and for whatever reason goes offline permanently: is there any way we can recover access to the deployed devices?


we are very glad that you have heard about our approach to open source. In case you have missed our recent blog post, please read more here:

So, to answer your question, isn’t going anywhere. We are in it for the long-term with a group of committed team members, investors, and partners. That being said, it’s a great question. Our customers tend to think longterm, with assets that might stay in the field for decades. Given such time frames, they need to think through the design choices they make and partnerships they forge.

One important way in which we line up with such long-term needs is our approach to open source. customers can see, understand and contribute to the software running on their devices.

So, to sum up: is here to stay, and in the meantime, it’ll go open source.