Rebooting challenges: Raspberry Pi 3 (revisited)

Hello gurus,
I’m having issues rebooting my Raspberry Pi 3 app. It loads fine and runs initially after a fresh disk burn. After hitting the reboot button in the dashboard, it gets stuck in “stopping” status.

For troubleshooting purposes, I created a leaner version of the app as a repository that has the same issues for me. I’m hoping that you are able to reproduce this issue? My thought currently is that I’m doing something incorrect with the docker file as was likely the case in this forum post. However, the issue has returned and seems reproducible. I can’t seem to pinpoint the issue just yet.

Support access is enabled. It’s ok to do as you wish with the device including reboots and other tasks as needed. The device url is: (updated)

How to reproduce the rebooting issue:

Setup a Raspberry Pi 3 application in

Add a v2.7.8+rev1 device (I added wifi settings) and download the image.

Burn to disk (I used Etcher on PC, update: now using my Mac).

Clone troubleshooting project (I used a Mac, High Sierra).

git clone
cd resin-io-temporary-troubleshooting

Add remote.

git remote add resin

Push to resin.

git push resin master

Wait for the awesome unicorn of success.

Insert burned disk to Pi and power on.

Wait for the application to download to the Pi and launch. “Hello!” should be seen in the device logs showing that app.js has run successfully.

Choose “Reboot” in the dashboard device page.

After a last message of “Rebooting” is seen in the logs, the device partially reboots, stuck on the “Stopping” status. I can login to the host OS via the dashboard, but not the app container.

update: I’m seeing any blinking LEDs on the Pi. When plugged into HDMI, I’m seeing the ASCII art with “Booted - Check your dashbard.”

Shots In the Dark

I burned this with a PC and made updates from a Mac. Could there be a character encoding issue happening somehow? (I have a new mac that requires an adapter for USB-C -> USB yeesh, should go buy one to see if using Mac all the way through helps) (went and bought and adapter, burned with Mac, same results)

If I sync with local copy or login to the dev image to run npm install commands, I was getting errors about characters not being recognized e.g. npm install promise after ssh’ing in was resulting in these errors.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking a look in advance! Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide.

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Hi @Chris
I was unable to reproduce this locally using your project and a rpi3.
I’ve been investigating the issue on your device and I believe that the docker installation has become corrupted, preventing the docker daemon from starting correctly.
I’ll post an update here once I have more information.

I’d like to rule out SD card corruption as the cause of this issue. Are you able to reproduce the issue using a different SD card?

Hello Lucian,
Let me locate another SD card and give it a shot.

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That was it!!! I was able to restart the new device with new sd card three times without issue.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I was starting to lose my mind on this one. :upside_down_face:

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