Reason for failure (hashes not equal) is wrong (I think)

I checked the SHA256 sum twice myself before I even flashed the image. They matched. Not only that but I believe qBitTorrent also checks. What I’m trying to flash is Tails and they have the hash checker on their page and I did it via CLI.

Am I misunderstanding what it’s saying in regards to why it failed?

Thank you

Forgot to include this! Sorry!

It looks like this is a failure to verify the image after writing, can you tell us what OS and version of Etcher you’re using?

Not sure if this is still an issue, but if you running Etcher on a Windows machine, have a look at Checksums do not match - #82 by zvin

Sorry, I am using newest OSX, newest Etcher, and trying to write image to SD card.

I also tried writing with newest Windows 10 and Etcher and same issue.

It’s something about the SD card, I found a thread that talks about it like a year ago. Seems like an issue not important. :frowning:

That explains. Relatively speaking in contrast to other storage mediums, SD cards have rather short lifetimes. Please give it a try with a new SD card. Let us know how it goes.