Rdt configure wifi on sd card

Hi, I have an existing rsinos (not resinio) sdcard, and would like to use rdf configure to switch wifi

rdt configure <target> (Re)configure a resinOS drive or image

but cant seem to figure out what to point it to - any ideas?

rdt configure /Volumes/resin-boot No such file or directory: /Volumes/resin-boot

Hey @nite , sorry for the delay, this fell through the cracks… I’m guessing that you are on Mac, right? You have to point the target not to the mounted partition, but to the whole disk, which is /dev/diskX, for example /dev/disk2. Take the disk’s name, and then rdt configure /dev/disk2

You can find which disk it is by using the Disk Utility, for example (see Device in the lower right corner):

Alternatively you can use the settings Storage menu (I think that’s the name), or Etcher to show you the drive’s path to use.

The mounted partition, /Volume/resin-boot would actually refer to /dev/diskXs1, the first partition on the disk, and not the location to point rdt to.

@nite, I was wondering whether this answers your question, or missing anything more?

Hi @imrehg - I believe I did try the mounted partition - I’ll get back to this later this sprint & can check then. In the end I realised I was able to edit config directly on the sd card to get all working, and I’ve got resin-wifi-connect working on resinos now too :slight_smile:

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