Raspberrypi3 stuck in "Online (VPN only)"

My raspberrypi3 is stuck in “Online (VPN only)”, also /mnt/data is full.

Pls help

I was able to resolve it thanks to these commands

Yes, those commands will recover the device, but will also delete any data written inside the app containers.

The /mnt/data partition is shared between the application (for any use, in the form of named volumes) and balenaEngine for the purpose of storing application images and the data written inside by applications inside the container filesystem (e.g. data writing to the /home folder inside app containers). If /mnt/data gets completely full, it can unfortunately prevent balenaEngine from operating correctly and even from starting, which in turn could prevent applications and the balena supervisor from operating correctly or even starting.

So to recover the device, the first thing to do is free up some space in the /mnt/data partition. If your application uses named volumes (e.g. if it writes files to the /data folder as visible inside the app container), you will be able to see individual files (for selective deletion) in subfolders of /mnt/data/docker/volumes/. For inspection, some other commands you can run are:

cd /mnt/data/docker
find volumes
du -hs *

Thanks @pdcastro.
I am currently on balenaOS 2.43.0+rev1 and do an update shortly. Is this fixed in the latest version?
Thanks again

Hi, yes. This issue is known to be fixed in version 2.50.4+rev1


You’re welcome

I think I have a similar issue as the one discussed in the post.
I have installed balena-sense on a Raspbery PI Zero W. Works all fine.
I removed power to relocate the sensor and when I power on it would not work. I thought was due to me just removing power. I performed a new installation (removed SD card. formatted it, used balena etcher) it work perfectly. This time I used shutdown functionality offered but again after removing power again status was Online (VPN only).
How to avoid all together this issue on Status: Online (VPN only). what other information do you need to better understand the issue?
Ah yes, other big difference in this instance: This is my first project with Balena, PI…

Installed version 2.50.4+rev1 and now it works fine.