Recover corrupted balena-engine


I have a Rasp PI 3 (remote) that I can access via the VPN. In the dashboard it says VPN-Only. I noticed that balena-engine has a different md5sum compared to another device that is at the same site.

How can I recover that device ? It’s remote so reflashing is a no-go.

Thanks !

Did you compare the md5sum across different devices? there is a fingerprint file in the root of the filesystem with checksums. If you check against that you should know for sure if you have a case of corruption.

Unfortunately if that’s it, I don’t think we can do much. Once the sd card is at the point where it begins to corrupt parts of the file system it’s really not advisable to try making it work as that leads to a pretty unstable system.
Your best route ahead in that case would be to replace the card.

Hey Robert,

Thanks - I think it was multiple power outages that caused this - I got someone to do a physical visit and reflash the card - Holding thumbs :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I would be happy to have a look at the device to check out what happened if you manage to recover the card into a lab device. Usually power cuts are not supposed to render a device unrecoverable in this way.

Ah bugger - it was reflashed already :frowning: unless you can “look at it now” ? I would think that the reflash would have hidden what you needed to see ?

Hi @dewitpj.
Please let us know if the issues continue after the reflashing so that we can investigate it further.