RaspberryPi 4 Pihole libraspberrypi-dev error

When trying to push the balena pihole release to a fresh rasp4 build, I get the error Unable to locate package libraspberrypi-dev and The command '/bin/sh -c install_packages cmake libraspberrypi-dev' returned a non-zero code: 100

Hi @propain0909, first of all welcome to the balena community!

Thanks for reporting this. We traced back this issue to this change: https://github.com/klutchell/balena-pihole/commit/11b72da3048ebb88574f9dec539c3a6c3bfbc7fb#diff-74512d05221c38c6577f092551211163L1

Apparently, libraspberrypi-dev doesn’t compile on aarch64 so this release fails on RPi4. If you could revert this change in the file pihole/Dockerfile.template locally (so the first line reads FROM balenalib/raspberrypi3-debian:jessie-build AS build), the release would go fine. I just tested it locally.

We will reach out to the author of this PiHole repo and kindly ask to revert this change as well.


Open issue is here (with PR linked): https://github.com/klutchell/balena-pihole/issues/31

I ran into this same issue trying to run the cncjs example

PR to resolve - https://github.com/balena-io-playground/balena-cncjs/pull/1

Hi @gjesse, thanks for the PR. In our internal system, I pinged my teammate Jimsy, maintainer of that repo, to take a look.


Thanks for the contribution. Your PR has been merged.