Raspberry PI4. bash: apt-get: command not found

Hi, I have a problem. After adding a new application and raspberry pi4 device, the commands do not go, a message appears

root @ 80a0498: ~ # apt-get update
bash: apt-get: command not found

Connecting to 80a0498d4602b5aa784aed277a4ddb59…
Spawning shell…

Welcome to balenaOS

root@80a0498:~# apt-get update
bash: apt-get: command not found
root@80a0498:~#sudo apt-get update
bash: sudo: command not found

Hello @jirka11111, first all of welcome to the balena community :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please explain the sort of application you want to develop and deploy?

In general, we advise the new users to go through out getting started docs like this one:

We believe our docs do a good job introducing the balena concepts and how a newcomer like yourself could quickly get started. We appreciate hearing your feedback on how we could improve.

To talk specifically about the error you see: apt-get command doesn’t seem like available. What’s the base image you are using? Can you share your dockerfile?

Depending on the base image (as specified in the dockerfile), you will use a different command to install packages. We have additional documentation that explain Docker:

Finally, if you are using balena base images, you could use the convenient method install_packages for installations as explained here:

Let us know how it goes and if we can help with anything specific.