Building own image, apt-get


I tried to build own image but it looks that balena don’t have apt-get so how can I add some package to my image?

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Hey, you can add a docker container and install the required packages there.

thanks for the answer, do you have any tutorial how?

Yes we do, I think following a getting started guide would help you understand the balena ecosystem better. Follow this guide in our docs, you can change the language and device type for your use case. Once you are setup, you can add the apt install command within a docker file to install your package. Please follow through examples posted in to getting started guide, they will point to the examples specific to that language.

I got a error durring try to push this example

Step 1/7 : FROM balenalib/raspberrypicm4-ioboard-node:14-buster-run
[main] manifest for balenalib/raspberrypicm4-ioboard-node:14-buster-run not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Ok, it looks that 14-buster-run is a problem, for this system only 16 is available. It looks that if i want to have any additional package i need to run another docker which will by not same like a main but another? How can I run application from this docker in main system?

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What packages do you want to install? As my colleague said, you will be able to install packages in the dockerfile that defines your container image that will be run as part of the application. Are the packages that you need not available in the balenalib/raspberrypicm4-ioboard-node:14-buster-run base image? Are you getting an error message while trying to push an application?

More than that, what is your application or use case? If I understand what you are trying to achieve, I will be able to give you clearer advice :slight_smile:


it was about your example from the documentation but fogot about it, the problem was the node version

What packages do you want to install?

e.g. i2c-tools package to have i2cdetect but i’m asking general for the future.

Now i created the dockerfile but it looks that I just created another instance of the system. From my point of view is like a two independend operation system, main os and another one. The problem is how to share the application which i installed by docker to mainOS