Raspberry pi v1

Hi, i have an old spare raspberry pi v1 and i want to trie BalenaSound on it. According to the device support (Device support - Home) the v1 is supported, but without multiroom. I don’t need that, so that is not an issue.

So i want to download the right image through the dashboard, but the lowest raspberry pi version i can choose is the raspberry pi 2. Can you tell me if the v1 is still supported and where to find the right image for it. Thanks in advance.

Hello, the Raspberry pi 1 is supported along the Zero and Zero W.

Look for Raspberry Pi (v1 / Zero / Zero W) in the list.


Thank you for your reply. The problem is that in the list i can choose from the dashboard there is only
Raspberr pi 3
Raspberry pi 4
Raspberry pi 400
And the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

But no Rasbperry v1 / Zero / Zero W.

@Clubeddie could you please try to create a new fleet on balenaCloud for Raspberry v1 / Zero ?

If this is what you did, could you please share a screenshot?

Hi Marc, that is the trick and solution. Thank you!

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@Clubeddie You probably were in a “64bits” fleet. As the pi1 (and Zero) are 32bits only, it won’t be listed as a valid option for that fleet.

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That was the issue indeed. Problem is solved :+1: