Rasberry PI - HAT Conecction failed in TTN V3 SD card Image

Hello, I need help I am trying to install a gatewey on Rasberry Pi + Hat, RAK 2247 using Deploy a LoRa Basics Station gateway with TTN and balena, after the image is created, the gatewey connects well and keeps online in the Balena console , but the services are not activated, and the EUI Key is not generated, I would appreciate a lot if you can tell me how to activate them or if an update of the device can be done?

Hi @rodbaca I’d just like to ask a few clarifying questions. Can you specify what you mean by the services have not activated? Are they still downloading, have they stopped, etc? Also are the services outputting any logs which might indicate why they are not working?

Hello, Jmakivik,… thank you very much for your answer, I finally reloaded the Deploy to LoRa Basics Station gateway with TTN and balena, now it runs fine in Belena, but it cannot connect with TTS V3, I have made several attempts, but it indicates that the Gatewey is disconnected , followed all the steps of the tutorial prepared by Marc Pous, … whom I thank very much for his contributions.

However, I have some doubts: after pasting the TAG of the whale board in the EUI field of the Gateway in the console of TTS V3, the GW_ID is not generated automatically, so I have to do it manually, copy and paste it in GW_ID of the variables in the Balena dashboard.

In the box Log board Balena sends an error message: Logs… main ::: TC connect failed - URI: wss: //us.cloud.thethings.network: 8887 and the TTS V3 console marks as disconnected, indicating that the gateway does not currently have an established TCP connection.

Thank you for your collaboration, I am new to this, greetings from Nicaragua, …

Do you think the issue could have something to do with your authentication mode? Do you have server and client token authentication?